The Fresh Factory

We create, launch, and scale fresh, plant-based,

and clean-label food and beverage products.

The Field + Farmer brand is available in over 600 stores around the Midwest and soon to be available all over the country.  We offer cold-pressed juice, salad dressing, veggie hummus, and dips. Every product is clean-label, plant-based, and features produce from one of our farming partners.

Our Leaf & Blossom line of cold-pressed juices are available exclusively at Whole Foods in the Midwest (Spring 2019).  Each juice is cold-pressed (never frozen) and features produce from our farming partners.

You may not have heard of 87P but you’ve probably had a product we’ve made.  We are a leading manufacturer of clean-label and plant-based foods.  We partner with leading brands around the country to help them scale.