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Built to be flexible and scalable

Vertically integrated from the farm to the shelf

Pushing the frontiers of food and beverage

Commercialization: The Fresh Factory launches dozens of innovative products each year, reinventing how consumers shop and what they eat. We will help you make your mark on the future of food.

Line trials: When you’re ready to begin production, we can perform full-production trial runs to ensure the product quality is the same for large runs as it was in the kitchen.

Growth leaders: With multiple production lines filling various packaging formats, we can help you grow your brand into new and diverse opportunities all out of one centralized location.

Integrated from the Farm to the Shelf

Real food: Fresh cold-pressed juice. Beet hummus. Carrot miso salad dressing. We handle actual produce and turn it into delicious plant-based foods.

Clean label: We use novel and innovative processing techniques to allow you to make real food with no artificial colors or preservatives.

Better for you: Whether your brand is keto, paleo, Whole30, organic, or the hottest trend, we will help you get to market.

Carrot Apple Ginger Combined

Focused on safety and quality

We are a market leader in food safety with extensive experience handling fresh produce, as well as products destined for HPP (high-pressure processing). We are proud of our top-rated Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level III certification and routinely work with products certified as gluten-free, kosher, plant-based, non-GMO, and USDA organic. Our facility is based in Carol Stream, Illinois, just west of Chicago and a short drive to many leading distributors. We can service the entire country from this central location.

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2015 – 2023

A fulfillment partner

Assembly, packing, and pick-pack-ship: Our team can provide assembly, case-packing, and pick-pack-ship services to help you fulfill orders, whether for traditional retail distribution or alternative channels.

Storage and inventory management: We provide on-site and off-site storage for ingredients and finished goods, whether dry or refrigerated, managing thousands of SKUs.

Distribution: Whether you have one DC or multiple, our warehouse team can pick orders to ensure that the right product gets to the right location. Various distributors pick up from our facility, making us a convenient consolidation center for emerging brands.

We work with farmers from around the country, from small, local, indoor farms that grow wheatgrass for cold-pressed juice to large farming cooperatives that can provide special varietals and quality ingredients year-round.

Flexible financing

Terms and factoring: We can extend terms on receivables typically by setting up lockbox arrangements on purchase orders. We can also introduce companies, depending on their needs, to various financing partners to help with working capital.

Capital partners: We are in constant collaboration with accelerators, incubators, flavor houses, consultants, and investors in the food and beverage space and are happy to make introductions within our network as-needed.

Equity partners: Each year, we choose 2-3 companies as equity partners. Equity partnership often involves an investment of services, equipment, and other resources in exchange for equity. 

Production Facility, Carol Stream, IL
Our manufacturing, food safety, innovation, logistics, finance, and procurement teams all work out of the same facility to ensure optimal communication and execution.

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A growing and diverse set of capabilities

Glass (hot and cold)

Cups (hot and cold)

Plastic (hot and cold)

  • Salad dressing
  • Coffee and teas
  • Soups
  • Low- to medium-viscosity beverages
  • Tamper-evident plastic caps
  • Labeled, screen-printed, and shrink-sleeved
  • Dips, spreads, salsa, and hummus
  • Fruit and vegetable slurry/purees
  • Baby foods
  • Soup, salad dressing, and condiments
  • Cold-fill and hot-fill
  • Plastic cup containers ranging from 1 to 16 ounces
  • Labeled, screen-printed, shrink-sleeved, and IML
  • Cold-pressed juices
  • Smoothies
  • Infused waters
  • Low- to medium-viscosity beverages
  • Tamper-evident plastic caps
  • Labeled, screen-printed, and shrink-sleeved


Snack Bars

  • Sauces and condiments
  • Dressings and dips
  • Vertical form fill seal equipment
  • Low to high viscosity products
  • Hot fill, cold fill, and HPP
  • Protein bars
  • Plant-based bars
  • Dessert bars
  • Various sizes

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