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Fresh Start is an accelerator program created by The Fresh Factory to help launch the next generation of fresh, clean-label, and plant-based products. We help companies prepare for launch and help craft their go-to-market strategy through our vertically integrated platform.

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The Fresh Start program

A 12-week sprint full of actionable information and introductions across formulation, production, and finance. We’ve helped dozens of companies launch products, becoming their trusted growth partner in everything from product formulation to e-commerce fulfillment.

Requirements Gathering

Product Development


Branding Workshop

Testing + Trials


Requirements gathering including product requirements (i.e. organic) and packaging. 

Benchtop formulation, food safety requirements, certifications, initial packaging selections.

Develop go-to-market strategy including channel, distribution and fulfillment, and initial costing including COGs and margins for product.

Participate in brand workshop, gather consumer feedback, and refine brand and product positioning.

Run trials on production lines to build an inventory of samples, understand and refine quality at scale.

Ship actual product to early adopters, buyers, and first customers. Connect with leading mentors and investors in the space for feedback.

Backed by strategic advisors who manage over $2B+

VSV‘s mission is to source, select, and serve exceptional companies, entrepreneurs, and founders that are making the world a better place in food, food technology, retail, retail technology, and sustainability within the broader food and retail markets. 

Investments include Misfits Market, Lesser Evil, and Atmosphere.

Barrel Ventures is a seed-stage fund with decades of experience in operating, scaling, and investing in companies to help early-stage entrepreneurs propel their ideas forward.

Investments include Olipop, Pod Foods, and Grabango.

Listen is a team of investors, brand experts, and creative capitalists operating a concentrated investment strategy focused on partnering with extraordinary entrepreneurs to build the brands of tomorrow.

Investments include Factor (acquired by HelloFresh), Calm, and Public Goods.

Great Point Ventures is a venture capital firm founded by entrepreneurs and company-builders on a mission to support revolutionary ideas that transform industries and benefit society.

Investments include Beyond Meat, Farmer’s Fridge, and Hero Foods.

RCV Partners is an operationally focused venture fund. It combines the investment expertise of RCV Partners and the operational expertise of JPG Resources creating a powerful resource for young, high growth companies.

Investments include Lemon Perfect, Dozen Cousins, and The Good Crisp.

SloFIG is a network of accredited independent investors who share the mission of using private investment to reestablish a robust and sustainable food system across the Chicago foodshed. They identify promising start-up and early-stage companies and provide capital, expertise, and a network of contacts to help drive their success.

Investments include KitchFix, Local Foods, and Fillo’s.

Some of the brands we've helped launch

Plant-based takes on everyday favorites—buffalo dip, queso, ranch dressing, and more. Every product includes fresh ingredients from a farmer we know and trust. Products are refrigerated and sold through produce or deli.

Whole Foods asked us to create a line of cold-pressed juices for their Midwest region. These fresh juices are functional-focused and built around subcategories of vitality, glow, immunity, and defense.

Brands under $1M TTM Sales

Our model is based on the Y-Combinator deal.  We offer services and a small investment in exchange for 7% with the investment taking the form of a SAFE.  In addition, we often will invest directly into the company as part of a funding round.

Brands over $1M TTM Sales

We will invest services in exchange for a negotiated equity position.  Investments typically take the form of a convertible note.  In addition, we often will invest capital directly into the company as part of a funding round.

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