At The Fresh Factory, we believe three things: the future of food is plant-based; consumers are hungry for honest, transparent brands; and to have real impact, you need scale, and to do that, your products must be affordable. These three core tenets drive us and define our mission: plant-based, honest food for all. To achieve this mission, we create, launch, and scale fresh, plant-based, clean-label food and beverage products. Sometimes this means we launch a brand where we see an opportunity, like the Field + Farmer brand. Other times, it means we partner with inspiring teams to help them launch and scale their ideas.

The Fresh Factory was formed in the fall of 2017. We’re led and backed by a diverse group of leaders and investors in the food sector.

The Fresh Factory name is a nod to the art and music studios that cranked out original works. While we are a factory, it’s about more than that: it’s about working with inspiring people, launching original products, and building the fresh food brands of tomorrow — and doing it over and over again.

Let’s find a way to work together.